• Industry:Cryptocurrency
  • Location:Argentina
  • Services:
    Research & Strategy
    Product Design
    Motion Design
    3D Animations
    Android & iOS
  • Project Team:
    Project Manager
    Design Director
    Product Designer
    Motion Designer
    UX Researcher
    Tech Lead
    iOS Developer
    Android Developer

Agrotoken is a grain-backed, transactional digital asset used to save or exchange for supplies, services, and other assets. They created the first infrastructure for commodity tokenization in agricultural sector.

They fully embodied Agrotoken’s brand and delivered a high-quality product in record time.

Mateo Sauton - Product Owner at Agrotoken

The design team followed an accelerated discovery, research, and concept development phase to ensure that the app reflected Agrotoken's identity and vision. The team focused on the app's intricate details to ensure that it had a distinct personality and unique icons and illustrations.

Agrotoken came to us with a challenging task: to design and develop a high-quality, user-friendly mobile app for iOS and Android platforms that would allow farmers to log in, transact, and monitor the status of their tokens (AT) with a tight three-month deadline due to a commercial agreement with VISA.

The project's success can be attributed to the strong partnership and open communication between the two teams, which ultimately delivered a solution that exceeded expectations.

Months to launch


Tokenization increased


USD in revenue


This partnership not only cultivated a strong sense of camaraderie between the teams, but also ensured that the project progressed smoothly and efficiently, ultimately meeting the agreed-upon deadlines. By working together in this manner, we were able to deliver a solution that showcased the true potential of our combined expertise.